How to Fight City Hall on Bad Development Projects

In 2014, I was thrust into being a community activist in my community, Aliante. A developer was going to build a Dotty’ Tavern across from the Aliante Library and near two neighborhood schools on Deer Springs. I was at my local HOA meeting when I heard that they would be voting on the measure in 2 days at the City of North Las Vegas Planning Commission meeting. I started a petition and a group of homeowners went to countless planning commission meetings and city council meetings to fight this bad idea. Through perseverance we persuaded the developer to build an upscale day-care, Creative Kids, and a Dairy Queen instead.

We realized that homeowners don’t know how to fight city hall and so we formed a non-profit, Aliante Cares, to educate homeowners on their rights.

Much organizational effort resulted in influencing the exterior design of the fast food restaurants constructed adjacent to Nature Discovery Park. The new design enhanced the aesthetic appeal to the Aliante entrance south of CC 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway).

During development of the property at the intersection of Aliante Parkway and Nature Park Drive, Aliante Cares was able to save healthy, mature palm trees from destruction by bulldozers.

Aliante Cares coordinated an instructional meeting to assist local communities developing their own Neighborhood watch groups.

As part of our “adoption” of Nature Discovery Park, we periodically partner with Outside Las Vegas Foundation to conduct park clean-up days.  We consistently advocate on behalf of the park with the NLV Parks and Recreation Department.

The most recent victory was getting DR Horton to NOT build homes adjacent to Club Aliante. If they had proceeded with their original development agreement, they would have built two story homes 15 feet away from the West wall of Club Aliante which has mostly single story homes. Instead they agreed to build a 100 feet wide park that creates a buffer zone between Club Aliante and the new development. Even the HOA lawyers told us we couldn’t fight city hall, but we banded together and ultimately, the city and DR Horton did the right thing.

The moral to the story all homeowners need to educate themselves about development in their neighborhood. Get the agendas for your city council and especially the planning commission meetings in order to speak out against bad development ideas. I’m glad I was able to help Aliante remain the jewel of North Las Vegas!

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